Fantasy Highway League

Fantasy sports leagues allow players to feel as if they are part of the games they love and have a relationship with the players they admire. Participants of fantasy sports leagues assume the role of make-believe General Managers to compete with friends and family. These leagues provide a fun intermission from our daily lives and can give us something to look forward to.

The Fantasy Highway League is a work that elevates our daily lives to the level of professional sports. Using the format of fantasy sports leagues, the Fantasy Highway League exchanges sports heroes for “ordinary” people. Now, as part of a competitive sports league, an everyday activity creates anticipation and is rooted for. Instead of cheering for the running back to make it to the end zone, the players’ excitement is fueled by the potential of someone driving their red sedan to work. The Fantasy Highway League points out the need to celebrate all aspects of our lives by elevating the common to the extraordinary.

The Fantasy Highway League is a fantasy sports league whose points are generated by the league commissioner counting car colors at the Interstate 80 and Highway 89 junction in Northern California. The Fantasy Highway League consists of six players whose fantasy teams are a car color instead of a created sports team. We start the season off with a draft party to select the car colors each player will represent. The players roll a six-sided die to determine the draft order. The players can choose from red, blue, black, silver, white, and green. With all the players represented by the team color they drafted, the five week season is officially underway. Every Friday at 1 p.m., the league commissioner will download the five minute, Caltrans camera view from the I-80/HWY 89 junction and count the car colors as they go by. Each car color will score a point for the team that is represented by that particular color. Like a traditional fantasy league, we will have weekly match-ups and keep track of points as well as wins and loses. The website will track these numbers and allow the players to colorfully discuss the beating and destruction they will bring down upon their opponents.


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