52 thoughts on “Matchups

  1. Hey Blackstreet! You’re red on wheels which you might think means power…………..NOT!!!!!!!! The Outsiders are the Bomb-Diggity!!!!!!!
    GO TO BED! No diggity…..You’re DONE!

  2. Hey again Blackstreet! Cats got you’re tongue? If you can’t find it this week you have two more chances; week two against the Noir Four and/or week five against the Rusty Meow Meows. Perhaps you’re already “ROAD KILL” already………………color matches!

  3. Ssshhh………do you hear that? Maybe you should listen closer.
    Can’t hear anything?
    Wait……………..there it is……………..the sound of the Outsiders taking down Blackstreet! Bomb-diggity!!!!

    • I heard it; I did – it was hard to hear over the sound of Kim crying as her little black cats were torn usunder by the amazying rusty meow meows; but the sound was there.

  4. Dear “The Outsiders”: 1983 called and wants its movie title back, and, oh yeah, guess what – 1997 called and wants its car color back. Don’t mess with the Blackstreet – you will get burned . . .

  5. Red is power. Red is passion. Red is FLY. Silver is the color silverfish and kitty litter. Why dont you take THAT and put it in your back pocket, Outsiders!!!!!!!!!

  6. 4 FLY black men are cooler than 4 black cats any day of the week. You better recognize, Outsiders.

  7. I meant random outdoor cats. You wish you were 4 black cats. And you wish you had a red car, dont you?

  8. Ahhhhh………..Nice try Blackstreet………………I was starting to think you were just an old memory from the 90’s. By the way, what does defeat taste like?

    • Hey Nine Year Plan,
      Get ready to count those days………….Have you started yet? You may need nine years (3,285 days ) in order to beat the Outsiders. By the way, nice cane!

      • Oh no you didn’t! You don’t know nothing about the nine year plan! You’re going down, get ready to be left “outside(rs)” in the cold!

  9. Black is a state of mind, you damn Frenchies. Red cars are faster and way sexier than blue cars. My grandparents all have blue cars. Nuff said. No diggety.

  10. Dancing Queen – I hope for your sake that green cars arn’t as tired and old as the Abba Song you chose to represent – eitherway . . . you are GOING DOWN – White cars rule!

  11. Hey Nine Year Plan………………bring your smack down talk to the Schedules page. I want to take you down unintrrupted!!!!!
    BRING IT!!!!!

  12. Hey! Where’s the competition? So..yeah, of course I’m leading(aka #1) What’s up with the “tuffy” Rusty Meow Meows? Are your pedals blinding you? Wake up Nine Year Plan! Are you still napping? And what about Noir Four and Blackstreet?……..I was looking forward to your matchup. Yawn. I can’t forget about Dancing Queen…I’m pulling for you. You are timeless!
    LET’S GO!!!!!

  13. And by the way, Rusty Meow Meows, as I recall it at the draft you had stated the fact that you had done no research. I believe it was The Nine Year Plan who stated they had researched most popular cars. At that point I interjected my ideas and because of the luck, and I mean LUCK, of the die you were able to capitalize on my genius! So there you have it, PLAYERS!!!
    Rusty Meow Meows are going down!!!!!!!

  14. So I was a little unsure as to the meaning of genious so I Googled it and this is what I found, “Teach”, I mean, Rusty Meow Meows:
    It is often the case that idiots describe themselves as ‘genious’ but are ironically ignorant to the fact that the word is spelt ‘genius’ – much to the amusement of us intelligent people.


    “Like woah, yeah man, I’m like, such a genious, dude!”

    “Well, you’re retarded….”

    I’m only quoting……………perhaps the pedals got in the way?

  15. HEY!!!!!! WT????????????????????
    I HAVE WITNESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know what I’m talking about, Rusty Meow Meows!!!!!!!!
    It’s soooooo on!!!!!!!!

  16. Hey Nine Year Plan, black cars are so 1989. Red cars are the future. Red is the color of sex, and blood. DEAL WITH IT.

  17. So fellow playa’s………I don’t quite know how to approach this. If you’ve kept up on my last few posts you are probably a little if not completely confused. I believe something shady has gone on. Spell check for a certain team came into play after I posted (shall I say… did a grammar check on their genious pedals) I think I need to write The Commissioner in regards to this possible foul play.
    This is just a heads up to all my opposing teams: Watch yourselves because this might be a conspiracy……………….I’m just saying…………………

  18. Dear The Commissioner,
    I signed up for and was “gleeful” and “proud” and so “honored” to be one of the “Choosen”; to be a part of the “Fantasy Highway League”. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out there was some editing done for another team. I would like to lodge a formal complaint and would hope that you would investigate this matter. I appreciate your full unbiased attention and hope to put an end to tis unfair editing.
    The Outsiders

    • Dear The Outsiders,
      After many meetings with the Competition Committee, it was determined that the true fault lay with the Noir Four. Clearly the Noir Four has used this opportunity to spread discord and play mind games with the Outsiders and the Rusty Meow Meows. Good playing Noir Four. Plus 10 bonus points for mind games.

      The Commissioner

  19. ……………..and by the way pedal pusher………..(AKA Rusty Meow Meows)……………I don’t recall white as ever having a true dollar value like SILVER>>>>Let’s take it to the street, kitty kat!!! Pphhhhhhttttt!!!!!

  20. Hey Outsiders; clearly my spelling and my lack of representational wealth has not impeded my die rolling skills; or my keen understanding the American car consumer. The outsiders are going DOWN!!

  21. The only way The Outsiders are “going DOWN” is if this shady behavior keeps happening.
    Not only is there a “spell check” favoritism towards my rival of the week…………..apparently key sentences can be completely erased from this rivals replies.

  22. I Saw lots of cars on my morning walk – several had the brilliant gleam of white paint. I’m feeling lucky today, my game face is on – let the counting begin!

  23. Bonjour Noir Quatre. Etes-vous pret a obtenir instruits par The Outsiders? Ce sera une victoire difficile pour nous parce que nous aimons Noir Quatre, mais nous allons gagner!!!!! Nous allons l’obtenir sur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What Outsiders!?! I don’t understand your unpatriotic, unAmerican, pro-terrorists language. Go back to the grungy garage and lick you Noir Four induced wounds!

      • It sounds like Noir Four is a wittoo scawood I am surprised, and I do mean surprised, to hear such comments. It sounds like Noir Four is more like “Tea Party Four.
        For your knowledge and enlightenment this is what was said:

        “Hello Noir Four. Are you ready to get schooled by The Outsiders? This will be a difficult win for us because we love Noir Four, but win we will!!!! Let’s get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “That which does not kill us MAKES US STRONGER”

      “That which does not kill us MAKES US STRONGER”

      Friedrich Nietzsche

  24. Nine year plan – I may have been torn asunder by the silver cars last week – but this week the Rusty Meow Meows get their swagger back. While I was defeated by my last opponent this week I will be victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Outsiders – you’re probably a close relative of Saddam Hussien! Too bad he was defeated just like you will be! Get ready to get a DonkeyPunch from the Noir Four. By the way, October is the Noir Four’s month! It’s our time!!!

  26. Rusty Meow Meows- Don’t think that I haven’t seen the last few weeks of posting. I saw the blatant nepotism between you and the commissioner. I don’t know the extent of your relationship with the commissioner but I would go as far to say that you may be sleeping (just relax!) with him!!!! But this is of no concern of mine. I believe the reputation of The Nine Year Plan speaks for itself! You’re going down Rusty Meow Meows! BLACK CARS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well I NEVER! You have besmirched the name Rusty Meow Meows!!!!! No need for words – will settle this on the cold gray pavement of the battlefield. You better check yourself!

  27. Dancing Queen, you might as well dance yourself back to the bedazzled discotheque you come from, because you are getting your ass handed to you this week. Lemme put it this way: Red is a primary color and green is a secondary color. Nuff said.

    • Did you post this in the 90’s on your dial up Windows 98 operating system? The team you need to beat this week is The Rusty Meow Meows. From what I hear they are the ” bomb-diggity”, next to The Outsiders, of course! The silver must have blinded your eyesight since the first week no-diggitty!

  28. Nine Year Plan – You need to go back to college for another nine years and learn to pick a winning car color!! You’re gettin DonkeyPunched by the Noir Four this week!!

  29. Oh no you didn’t! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my nine year career as a criminal justice major, it’s how to clean up a bloody crime scene. That’s all that will be left when I mop the floor with you this Friday! You’re going down nOIR fOUR, you are going down!!!

  30. “Mama Mia” , “Dancing Queen”! “SOS”! Is this your “Waterloo”? Good thing ther’s no “Money, Money, Money” on this. “Does Your Mother Know” how poorly you’ve been doing? “Voulez-Vous” “Take A Chance On Me” kicking your ass!? “That’s The Name Of The Game”! “When All Is Said And Done”, ” The Winner Takes It All”!
    “Super Trooper” (AKA The Outsders)says “So Long”!

  31. Was there ever any doubt!? Clearly the competition was weak. Only a few had the nerve to challenge The Outsiders! You must believe to achieve!!!!
    “We are the champions my friends. And we’ll keep on fighting to the end! We are the Champions! We are the Champions! No time for LOSERS for we are the CHAMPIONS to the end!!!!!

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